Welcome fellow parent story-tellers.

We are a community-based writing company on a mission to wonder-power little minds and hearts through great stories. Our stories are shaped and created by parent-writers like you. Join in!

The Mission

We want to do everything we humanly can to help our kids do well in the 21st century.
We’d love to see them become creative, collaborative, kind human beings who care about the world and who won’t shy away from taking on problems big and small. To help them along, we’d like to seed ideas, mindsets, skills and values designed for the 21st century.

There is simply no better way to plant these seeds than through stories. A story is the fast track into the human mind. So we looked for stories packed with the 21st century wisdom…and we didn’t find much! The good old classics we grew up on—from Cinderella and Cat in Boots to H.C.Andersen and brothers Grimm—read hopelessly out of date for kids who can’t imagine life in the countryside before iPads and the internet. The more recent additions to our story endowment are packed with talking caterpillars, monsters and magic—great entertainment but light on relatable role models with lessons for the times we live in.

So we decided to take matters into our own hands and find other parents with the same goals. Surely, together we can create an evolving stream of short stories that can deliver on a simple promise: wonder-power little minds and hearts for the 21st century.



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Mar 2013

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Uncle Kal promises to help Kik and Hani discover their wonder-powers.
Their first mission: find souvenirs from space. They are closer than you think!
Time: ~17 min

Mar 2013

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Using Elaine's images as dummies.


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Dec 2012

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Bedtime Story

guy_8 We are starting with a single-minded focus on bedtime stories. A bedtime story comes with a great setting and a promise of a daily routine. With lights dimmed and sounds muted, this is our prime grade quality time with our kids, an opportunity to connect without distractions, to reflect on the day’s events, to anticipate what’s in the works for tomorrow. Can’t think of a better time for a daily wonder-story!

Our stories are about 2,000-2,500 words—short enough to read in 10-15 minutes and long enough to wrap a precious bit of wonder-wisdom inside a wonderful adventure.


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Everything is a remix. So is Uncle Kal.

Uncle Kal: Wit & Wisdom

Uncle Kal masterminds Kik’s and Hani’s missions. What’s his deal?

Mar 2013

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Helena at breakfast table

And Then I’ll Be So Happy!

Why on Earth would two professional women start a community-based creative writing company? It all started with a curveball from Helena.

Mar 2013

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